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SEKTION 11c is an electronic side project. It’s the result of messing around with drummachines, samplers and synths for a few years. It´s a contrast to the acoustic driven singer songwriter works of STADTSTREICHER. When I started playing guitar I started exploring electronic elements of music at the same time. To finally mix those elements and turn it into a project with fully written songs seeemed like a natural process. Even though the main elements are synths and samples the electric guitar takes on a big part for creating the sound and the songs.

The music itself is somewhere on the wide open field of electronic music, trying to anchor in the area of techno and dub. But SEKTION 11c is not the place for restriction, it´s a lab, using all tools of modern production and sound design to create intense moments in shifting times.

Although I will do some of the vocals myself I will try to find other vocalists for different tracks.

The music of Sektion 11c is inspired by the music from Primal Scream, Lulu Rouge, Moderat, Fluxion, Kollektiv Turmstraße, Trentemoller,  Massive Attack and Pink Floyd and of course many more.

Releasing ILLUSION

So this is the follow up to NOBODY the second official release. It also hits the world via NOKK Records and was released on April 22nd, 2022. This one goes even more into the techno corner. The original production was done by a young Englisch Balinese producer based in London. He sent me the backing and I added my vocals to it. He then stepped out and left the track to the SEKTION 11c. We finished the production and did the mixing. Once more the track was mastered by Matt from Blackbird Mastering.

The song is about meeting someone at a night out in one of the big cities. You sometimes meet someone and get so fascinated but then loose each other again in the heat of the night. 


Releasing NOBODY

NOBODY is the first official single from Sektion 11c through NOKK Records and was released on July 23rd, 2021. It is a techno dub dance track and was written one random night in April 2020 during the first lockdown in Germany. I just went to bed at 2 o clock one night, when the „NOBODY“ motif came to my head. It was so loud and wouldn’t let me sleep, so I got out of bed again and started all systems. Most of the recordings were done that night till 6 o clock in the morning. The production process took another six months. It was mastered by the wonderful Matt from Blackbird Mastering.

The song is probably about the wish of being alone not thinking about the consequences that come with it once you are alone for a longer time. It’s about the psychological madness of isolation and inner conflicts. It´s a changing of the world and it´s new order not only due to Covid19 but just as much as a result of the development of technology and the change of human interaction.

Everyone who took part in the process is so happy it´s got this great reception from so many different sides. THANK YOU!


Steppin´in with NOKK RECORDS

After meeting Mike, the founder of NOKK Records, I was so excited to sign to NOKK Records and get some support with my music from the label. It´s a wonderful family with so many talented artists and just feels good to be part of such a great community. Check out the other artists on the label here.

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